Adam* Wins First Place in the
2012 Georgia State Tech Fair!

*(Last name withheld as per his mother's request)

The Georgia Educational Technology Fair (GaETF) is an annual student technology competition produced by the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium. The Consortium sponsors other technology initiatives in Georgia, including the Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GaETC). The GaETF is the highest level of student technology competition in Georgia with over 400 projects, representing the work of 500+ students, which are judged at the competition each Spring.

Finalists who received first place at recgonized regional technology fairs competed at the state fair. Competition was open to all third through twelfth grade students residing in the state.

There were fourteen categories in the competition. This year, Adam (a 4th grade student) won first place in the "Project Programming" category with his "Ghost" program that he created using SiMPLE!

In his own words, this is what Adam writes about the program and competing:

"I made 'Ghost' to see how the computer understands language. It is a game you play like 'Horse' but instead of shooting baskets, you guess letters and make words. The object is to make the computer make a word while avoiding making one yourself. Writing the program took a lot of time and involved building Do Loops, If and Else statements, functions and tasks. Creating 'Ghost' was very fun and exciting. I had a great time competing in the State Tech Fair in Macon. You get really nervous when you’re up to be judged because you don’t know if they’ll like it or not. All in all I had a great time competing and it was an experience I will never forget."

If you would like to play Adam's "Ghost" game, just follow these instructions:

  1. Download the "" folder and unzip it into a "Ghostgame" folder on the root directory  of the drive that contains your copy of SiMPLE.

  2. Move all the ".STK" and ".MSK" files into the "Stickers" folder inside your "SiMPLE" folder. (If your "SiMPLE" folder doesn't already contain a "Stickers" folder, just create a new one there.)

  3. Move the "Ghost.txt" file into any project folder, and then run it (by dropping the file onto either the "toy block" icon or the "target" icon in the project folder).

(Note: Whenever the game tells you to press a key, you must also press the "Enter" key afterwards.)

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