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The "Kaleidraw" Program

(This program is for Windows computers only)

"Kaleidraw" is one of the fun little programs that was created with SiMPLE. It lets you use your mouse to draw a kaleidoscopic image right on your desktop! To download the program, just click the Kaleidraw sample image that you see below and save the program's executable file onto your desktop. (The Kaleidraw program does not require you have to have SiMPLE installed on your computer. It has already been pre-compiled for you and is ready to be used on any Windows computer.)

Kaleidraw Sample Image

Instructions for Using Kaleidraw: Double-click the Kaleidraw executable file on your desktop. Press your left mouse button to draw; Press the right button to clear the screen. Press the 'Esc' key to quit.

(If you're interested in seeing the source listing for the Kaleidraw program, click here.)

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