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Welcome to "The SiMPLE Art Gallery" -- a collection of listings that have been contributed by SiMPLE artists from around the world.

To view the listing for any "picture" in the gallery, just click on its title (or on its thumbnail image). You can then transfer that listing to your own computer (for example, by copying it into the Windows clipboard and then pasting it into a "New Text Document".)

The SiMPLE Art Gallery
Title: (Your Title)*
(Your Name)*
(Your Age)*
(Your Location)*
Title: Spacewarp
Artist: Bob Bishop
Age: >21
Location: Northern California
Title: Jack-o-Lantern
Artist: Alan Bretney
Age: 11
Location: Chico, California
Title: Lightbulbs
Artist: Judy Rogers
Age: --
Location: California
Artist: Terry Anderson
Age: 15
Location: Wisconsin
Title: Valentine
Artist: Judith Sorenson
Age: 16
Location: Ontario, Canada
Title: Teddy Zoomer
Artist: Chris Peterson
Age: --
Location: California
Title: Flag
Artist: Paul Ritchie
Age: 14
Location: New York
Title: Diamond
Artist: Bruce Clark
Age: --
Location: Minnesota
Title: Candle
Artist: Peter Moore
Age: 17
Location: New Mexico
Title: Spiral
Artist: Bob Bishop
Age: >21
Location: Northern California
Title: Snowman
Artist: SiMPLE Codeworks
Age: (Older than dirt!)
Location: Northern California

*(If you would like to contribute your SiMPLE artwork to The Art Gallery, just e-mail the listing to us. Be sure to also tell us your name, your age, your location, and the title of your art piece.)

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