You are about to discover a totally new and revolutionary fad that will soon be sweeping the entire world. And 99.99% of today's computer users have never even heard about it... until now! It's called: "Digi-Doodling".

What Is Digi-Doodling?

The short answer is: "Digi-Doodling is using your computer to create doodle-type things (such as geometric designs, etc.) that you might have traditionally drawn with pencil and paper while killing time."

But there's much more to Digi-Doodling than merely creating dead static images. Digi-Doodles have the capability of producing sounds, of being animated... and even of interacting with their viewers!

Digi-Doodling is a totally new concept in art! Because Digi-Doodles are a product of your mind... not of your hands!

How Do I Create a Digi-Doodle?

To create a Digi-Doodle, you would first download and install the free "Digi-Doodle Kit" from the SiMPLE CodeWorks website. (The "Digi-Doodle Kit" is named "SiMPLE".) Then you would use the Windows Notepad text editor to create a list of the instructions that you want the computer to perform for you. (The list of the instructions can often be relatively short.)

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As an almost trivial example, if you wanted the computer to just draw three different colored circles on the screen, you would simply tell the computer what color you want each circle to be, where you would like them to be drawn, and how big you would like each one to be:

When you have finished making your list of instructions, you would then drop that list onto an icon on your desktop:

and, in a few moments ... presto! ... the computer would automatically produce the "picture" that you instructed it to draw!

It's as easy as that!

And when you've finished creating your "masterpiece", you can easily give copies of it to all your friends so that they can see it on their own computers!

Why Is Digi-Doodling More Fun Than "Ordinary" Doodling?

In addition to offering the potential for animation and interaction, creating a Digi-Doodle is more fun and challenging because it requires you to think and to plan ahead. (It isn't an activity that you could just train a monkey to do. ) And Digi-Doodling offers the thrill and excitement of anticipation. With "ordinary" doodling, you immediately see your results in real-time as you continue to draw; and so there are no surprises. But with Digi-Doodling, you don't get to see your creation until after you've finished listing all of the instructions that you want the computer to perform. (This can sometimes lead to surprising and interesting results. )

What Kinds of Digi-Doodles Will I Be Able To Create?

That depends on your own artistic abilities and how much you practice using the commands that are available to you in the "Digi-Doodle Kit". Some of the kit's basic commands allow you to easily:

... and much much more! (Click here to view just a few of the commands that are available in the "Digi-Doodle Kit".)

As you become more proficient, you will soon discover how to animate your art pieces (and maybe even have them interact with the person that's viewing them!)

List of Instructions

So, what are you waiting for? Start having fun creating your own  Digi-Doodles NOW!

Click here to see more Digi-Doodle examples

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