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Welcome to "The SiMPLE Program Gallery" --- a collection of "open source" Win-SiMPLE and Dos-SiMPLE programs that have been contributed by SiMPLE users from around the world. ("Open source" means that all source listings are presented to you for use and/or modification.) In addition to the programs that can be found in your "Samples" folder, the following source listings are also available for your enjoyment:

Source Listings
Adventure: A game by Alex Elson (a high school student)
Binary Clock: See if you can tell what time it is on this clock.
Precise Biorhythm Calculator: What are your biorhythms doing right now?
Birthday cake: Make a wish. . . then blow out the candles!
Bishop's Square: A two-dimensional version of the Rubik's Cube puzzle
Box Game: Connect pairs of dots to complete a box.
Bubbles: A colorful screen saver
Bug: A little brown bug that crawls around on your screen
Cellular Automata: As described in "A New Kind of Science"
Christmas Tree: Just the thing for the holidays!
Cosmic Explosion!: A screen saver
Diamond: A Dynamic Digital Diamond Display
Dice Roller: Roll them bones!
Dragon Curves: A screen saver
Etch-a-Sketch: (With a 10x magnifier in the corner of the screen)
FANTASIA: A colorful screen saver
The "15" Puzzle: The classic sliding tile puzzle by Sam Loyd
Fireworks: Just the thing for the 4th of July!
Flashlight: Use your mouse as a flashlight
FLAG: Draws a US flag on the graphics screen
FRACTION REDUCER: Uses Euclid's algorithm
FUSION: How to make a Hydrogen Bomb!
The Game of "Life": Written by a jr. high school student (Age: 14)
Gravity in Space: A graphical simulation of the N-body problem
Image Processing: So. . . who needs Photoshop?!!!
Infinite Highway: A game created by a jr. high school student (Age: 14)
Inkblot: Make your own "Rorschach Tests" with your mouse
Lunar Lander: A game created by a jr. high school student (Age: 14)
Magic Paint Brush: Use your mouse to paint a picture. . . as if by magic!
Mail 2: An action game (Created by a 6th grade student)
Mandelbrot Explorer: "Point-and-Click" your way through the Mandelbrot Set
Match-Ups: A cellular automaton program
MINE FIELD: SiMPLE's Version of "Minesweeper"
Mouse Trap: Use your mouse to click the image... if you can!
Night Runners: What are they all running to... (or away from)?
Optical illusion!: You can't believe everything you see.
Pat Hand Solitaire: Form 5 pat hands using 25 cards
Pin-Wheel: A screen saver
"Puzeloopz": A logic game in which you solve Loop-Puzzles
Quatris: SiMPLE's Version of "Tetris"
RADAR: An animated RADAR Screen
Raise the Flag!: Can you figure out which button will do it?
Reverse: (A really easy puzzle)
Rocket Race: Who will be the winner in this "Space Race"?
Roguelike: A role-playing game written by Alex Elson.
ROMAN NUMERALS: Convert numbers into Roman Numerals.
Rotating Photo Cube: A cool animation!
SCALLOPS: A "Sea Shell" pattern made with only straight lines
Score Up: A puzzle that originally appeared in Games magazine
Shadowed Text: Give your text characters a 3-D look
Shooting Gallery: How good is your aim?
Snake: A colorful snake that slithers around on your screen!
Snowfall: A B/W screen saver
Sokoban: A one-player strategy game
Space Portals: A 3-D action game of skill
Spiral: A screen saver that generates spiral-like patterns
"SU DOKU" Puzzles: A logic game made popular in Japan
Suicide Bombers!: Will you be able to rescue the princess?
SWARM: A "SiMPLE" screen saver that "brings it all together!"
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe: Try to get four markers in a straight line.
Time Bomb!: A bomb is connected to 5 buttons.
The Tower of Hanoi Puzzle: Solve this classic puzzle.
Trip-Wire: A two-player strategy game
Valentine: Happy Valentine's Day!
ZAPPER: Be careful that you don't electrocute yourself!
Zoomer: Use your mouse to zoom in (or out) on any part of an image.

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