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  "SU DOKU" Puzzles  

"Su Doku" is a logic game made popular in Japan. The puzzle is a 9x9 grid of cells in which you need to put nine sets of the digits 1-9 subject to the restriction that each digit must appear once in each row, once in each column and once in each 3x3 "sector".

An initial configuration is given to you, and this cannot be changed. You need to use the logic of the restrictions to decide what values the empty cells can take. The initial configuration is chosen so that there is only one correct answer to the whole puzzle.

Click on a cell with the mouse to establish the "current" cell. Clicking oneof the numbered buttons on the top of the screen (or pressing a number on the keyboard) will enter that number into the current cell. Clicking the CLR button (or pressing the Space Bar) will clear the cell. Stuck? Press the "H" key. It will either indicate all incorrect cells, or give a hint about a blank one. Still stuck? Press the "?" key. It will reveal the contents of the hinted cell.

To restart the game, press the "Ctrl-R" key. Pressing the Esc key will quit.

Source Listing

How To Run The Program

If you're feeling ambitious and have nothing better to do, you could just copy
the source listing by hand! However, there is a much easier way to do it:

  1. Copy the source listing into the Windows Clipboard

  2. Paste the Clipboard into a new text document

  3. Drop that text document onto the "SiMPLE" (toy block) icon

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