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Games And Puzzles

(These games are for Windows computers only)

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All of the games/puzzles listed in the following table were created with SiMPLE. (They have all been pre-compiled for you and are ready to be played, even if you have not yet installed SiMPLE on your computer.)

SiMPLE Games/Puzzles
The "Bishop's Square" Puzzle: Can you unscramble the image?
Bomber: How many targets will you be able to destroy?
Chess: Played with real chess pieces!
Gumdrops: SiMPLE's version of the "Bejeweled" game
Hypermaze: Can you find your way out of this 4-D maze?
Left Field Hotel: A horror game in which you attempt to escape a hotel
The "Looney Tunes" Puzzle: Another "Bishop's Square" puzzle
MINE FIELD: SiMPLE's Version of "Minesweeper"
Mr. Logic's "4-Digit Puzzles": Can you find the "secret rules"?
Mr. Logic's "Harder 4-Digit Puzzles": Even trickier rules!
Mr. Logic's "HOTELESCAPE" Riddle: A really cool adventure game!
Mr. Logic's "Off-Line" Riddle: Similar to an "Internet riddle"
Quatris: SiMPLE's Version of "Tetris"
SiMPONG: A ball & paddle game played with your mouse
Space War: A network game played between two computers
Space Portals: A 3-D action game of skill

If you already do have SiMPLE installed on your computer, you can find even more games in the SiMPLE Program Gallery:

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Would you like to try creating your own computer games? Just download your FREE copy of SiMPLE!

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In addition to SiMPLE games/puzzles, there are a number of "Mr. Logic" Internet riddles that are available online:

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