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  Module: drawmand  

Task:         drawmand (Float2 x, Float2 y, Float2 mag)

Description:  Draws a magnified view of the Mandelbrot set
              (Press the Esc key to halt plotting)

Parameters:   x:   The x-coordinate (real) of the
                   center of the image
              y:   The y-coordinate (imaginary) of
                   the center of the image
              mag: The magnification factor to be
                   used for displaying the image

Module Source Listing


The following example program draws a portion of the Mandelbrot set at a magnification factor of 3000:

Example Program Source Listing

(The above program assumes that you've placed the module into your Global Append Library.)

How To Download The Module
Into Your Local Append Library

If you're feeling ambitious and have nothing better to do, you could just copy
the source listing by hand! However, there is a much easier way to do it:

  1. Copy the source listing into the Windows Clipboard

  2. Paste the Clipboard into a new text document in your project's "Library" folder

  3. Change the name of that new text document to the module's name

The module is now in your Local Append Library.

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