Programming Tips,
Tricks, & Techniques

(and other miscellaneous topics)

The topics discussed here have been organized into three separate lists: "General Topics", "Dos-SiMPLE Topics", and "Win-SiMPLE Topics".

Some of the topics merely expand upon subjects already mentioned in SiMPLE's documentation and elsewhere, while others discuss new and previously undocumented material. The level of "complexity" of the subjects ranges from elementary to somewhat more advanced (generally as you progress down each list).

General Topics
Accessing SiMPLE's Built-in Documentation
Using SiMPLE on a Flash Drive
How to Uninstall SiMPLE
Referencing the 16 Standard Colors
Referencing the Keyboard Keys
How to "Unbusy" SiMPLE
How to Change a File's Extension
Running SiMPLE In Trace Mode
Using SiMPLE to Help Solve "Online Riddles"
Sending & Receiving Private Emails
Creating Your Own "Secret Message" Programs
Converting a Text String into a Numerical Value
Performing Calculations with SiMPLE
Be Careful When Using Common Statements
Writing Text Data to a File
Reading Text Data from a File
CAUTION: "Do" Be Careful!
Initializing a Multi-Dimensional Array
Some Restrictions about Working with Text Strings
Specifying the Path to a File
Compiler Directive: Insert
Compiler Directive: Append
Publishing Your Tasks
Distributing Your Executable Programs
What the "RUN" Command Does
Intermixing C++ with SiMPLE
Doing Recursive Programming in SiMPLE
Doing Object-Oriented Programming in SiMPLE

Dos-SiMPLE Topics
Compiler Directives: Dos and Win
Passing Calling Parameters to a Dos-SiMPLE Program
Creating a Dos-SiMPLE "Drag-and-Drop" Program

Win-SiMPLE Topics
Compiler Directives: Dos and Win
Creating Win-SiMPLE Programs For International Distribution
Retrieving the "User Name"
Creating a SiMPLE Program that Runs in a Window
Displaying Text Along with Graphics
Using Win-SiMPLE with Two Display Screens
The Keyboard: Reading Multiple Key Presses
Creating MIDI Sounds
Using SiMPLE to Create APPs for Windows Tablets
The "Screen Transitions" Library
Passing Calling Parameters to a Win-SiMPLE Program
Reading and Writing Binary Data
Using SiMPLE to Create Mazes
Creating a Win-SiMPLE "Drag-and-Drop" Program
Taking Control of Quitting
Changing the "Size" of an Image
Encrypting & Decyrpting "Secret Images"
A Novel Use for Bitmap Files
Working with Audio Input
Connecting SiMPLE to the "Outside World"
Creating Your Own Network Programs (Part 1)
Creating Your Own Network Programs (Part 2)
Accessing the Internet

(These lists of topics will continue to grow as new ideas present themselves.)

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