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The SiMPLE Tutorial


("The Fun and Easy Way to Become a Programmer")

[Note: This is "a tutorial about programming with SiMPLE." It is not "a tutorial about computers for someone who has never used a computer before".
It is assumed that you are already familiar with most of the fundamental concepts, such as: how to use a keyboard and mouse, how to open a folder, etc.]

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Welcome To The World Of SiMPLE,
The Programming Language For Kids!

SiMPLE provides you with the capability of creating programs that will run in one of two different environments: either the DOS environment, or the Windows environment. Dos is an older (and less interesting) environment that existed back in the days before the Windows operating system was around. And because the Dos environment provides only extremely limited graphics and sound capabilities, it is seldom used by beginning SiMPLE programmers. Therefore, in this 9-part tutorial, we will focus on using SiMPLE only in the Windows environment.

This tutorial assumes that you have already down-
loaded SiMPLE, and that your copy is up-to-date.

There is no need to hurry through the tutorial. Just take your time and have fun. And if you have any questions or need help, just visit our SiMPLE CodeWorks Online Communications Center.

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Click Here to Read Part 1 of the Tutorial

Click Here to Read Part 2 of the Tutorial

Click Here to Read Part 3 of the Tutorial

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Click Here to Read Part 6 of the Tutorial

Click Here to Read Part 7 of the Tutorial

Click Here to Read Part 8 of the Tutorial

Click Here to Read Part 9 of the Tutorial

This entire tutorial is also available for off-line use.
To use the off-line version, just download and unzip* the
"Tutorial.zip" file. Then double-click the "index.html" file.

*(Put the unzipped folder onto the same drive that contains your copy of SiMPLE.)

Are you sure that your copy of SiMPLE is up-to-date?

Remember to Update it regularly!

(It's fast, and very easy to do!)

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