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How to Update Your Copy of SiMPLE

Current Version: 14.08.08

And, unlike other Windows software that perform updates, SiMPLE does not require you to restart
your computer before the updates will take effect. (Too bad all updaters can't work like this!)

[NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet if you want to update. And before
updating, you should close any other windows or files that may still be open.]

To insure that your installed copy of SiMPLE is the very latest version, you should update it frequently. And the easiest (and fastest) way of updating your copy of SiMPLE is to run its built-in "Update" program.

If it's been more than two years since you last attempted to update your existing copy of SiMPLE, you
should download and install SiMPLE again (rather than trying to use the built-in "Update" program).

To run SiMPLE's built-in "Update" program, first -- open your HTML document named "How to Use SiMPLE".

If you've installed SiMPLE onto your "C:" drive, the "How to Use SiMPLE" document should be on your desktop.
If you've installed SiMPLE onto some other  drive, you'll find the document on the root directory of that drive.

Then, scroll down to near the bottom of the document. There, you should find a white box (with an orange frame) containing a link that says 'Click here to run the "Update" program'. Just click that update link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the above image - and the update link - aren't in your "How to Use SiMPLE" document, you should update by downloading and installing SiMPLE again. (The installer program will see that you already have a copy of SiMPLE, so it will ask you if you want to update your existing copy.) After you've reinstalled SiMPLE, you will then have the link for performing future updates.

(If the update link doesn't work, click here to read about alternate ways of running the "Update" program.)

After you've clicked the update link, a dialog box will appear with a "Run" button and a "Save" button. Just click the "Run" button. (Or, if you wish, you may click the "Save" button.)*

*Selecting the "Save" button will give you the option of putting the "Update" program in a more con-
venient location. (The location must be on the same drive that you have SiMPLE on.) Then, anytime you want
to perform future updates, all you'll have to do is just double-click this saved  "Update" program (instead
of having to go through the process of: first opening your HTML document, finding the specified link, etc.)

If your existing copy of SiMPLE is already up-to-date, after a few seconds you will be told that the current version is already on your drive. Click the "OK" button -- and you're done.

If your existing copy of SiMPLE isn't already up-to-date, it will be updated to the latest version. (While SiMPLE is being updated, your screen will turn slightly bluish-green and a small kaleidoscope will be displayed to indicate that updating is occurring. Underneath the kaleidoscope will be a "barometer" showing the current progress.)

(If you need to cancel the updating process at any time, just press the "Esc" key on your keyboard.)

When the update finishes, a message box will appear informing you that your copy of SiMPLE has been updated.

Click the appropriate button to close the message box. Now you're all set to rock and roll with an up-to-date copy of SiMPLE!

Click here to view the recent changes to SiMPLE

NOTE: The files that the "Update" program downloads to your computer are guaranteed to be available on the SiMPLE CodeWorks website for at least two years. After that period of time, they may no longer exist as a part of the update package. Therefore, it is important that you remember to run the "Update" program frequently (at least once every two years), or else you might miss some of the older updates. (We recommend running the "Update" program every day.) If more than two years have elapsed since your prior update attempt, you should download and install SiMPLE again rather than trying to use the "Update" program.

NOTE: If you've modified any of SiMPLE's original files (such as source listings in the "Samples" folder, etc.), updating SiMPLE might restore those files back to their original versions.

NOTE: If you are currently still using the "old" (obsolete) version of SiMPLE (the one that works only with 32-bit computers), or if your current copy of SiMPLE is older than version 12.08.09, you will have to delete your old copy of SiMPLE before downloading the new one.

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