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What Is SiMPLE?

SiMPLE CodeWorks Inc. introduces SiMPLE, a Free  beginner-friendly programming language for anyone who's looking for a new way to have fun with their Windows computer.

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Back in "the old days" (before Windows was around), there was a little computer called the "Apple-II". One of the nice features about the Apple-II was that it came with an easy-to-use programming language called "Applesoft BASIC" which allowed anyone to create their own software. Unfortunately, the Apple-II and its philosophy that "users should be allowed to easily create their own software" have virtually faded away... until now! SiMPLE is the reincarnation of that original philosophy. (Click here to read more.)

What Does a SiMPLE Program Look Like?

A SiMPLE program is merely a text file containing a set of instructions that tell your computer what you want it to do. (This text file is usually referred to as a "source listing" or "source code".)

Before we look at an example of a SiMPLE program, let's first take a look at the famous "Hello World" program that almost all beginning C++ programmers write as their very first program. (C++ is an older programming language that many "professional" programmers still use.)

#include <iostream.h>
int main ()
  cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
  return 0;

Now let's see what that very same program would look like if it were written in SiMPLE:

Display "Hello World!"

Yes, that single line would be the entire program! (Perhaps you can now begin to understand why we call our programming language "SiMPLE".)

But let's take a peek at a somewhat more interesting and less trivial example. Below, you see the source listing for a SiMPLE program that launches a rocket through a field of twinkling stars. It then explodes the rocket when it hits a UFO at the top of the screen. (Don't worry if you don't yet understand SiMPLE programming. Everything will become quite clear by the time you've finished reading The SiMPLE Tutorial.)

Source Listing

(You wouldn't even want to see what it would take to write this exact same program entirely in C++!)

How Do I Run a SiMPLE Program?

SiMPLE provides you with a choice of two ways in which you can run programs. The easiest (and most fun) way is to use the "Drag & Drop" method. (Or, if you prefer a more traditional way, you can also run programs by using the old "Command-line" method.)

To use the "Drag & Drop" method to run the previous example program (shown in the "Source Listing" box), merely perform the following three steps (after you've installed SiMPLE):

  1. Highlight the source listing and copy it into the Windows Clipboard.

  2. Use any text editor (such as Windows Notepad) to paste the Clipboard into a new text document.

  3. Drop that text document onto the "SiMPLE" icon.

Now, isn't that easy? In fact, SiMPLE's "Drag & Drop" capability makes running a published source listing as easy as "one-two-three":

1-Copy ... 2-Paste ... 3-Drop!

(Let Me See Some More SiMPLE Source Listings)

By the way, when you run a SiMPLE program, it is compiled into a fast executable (.exe) file. Many of the other popular programming languages, especially the ones that are intended for beginners, are merely interpreted languages. Therefore programs written in those languages execute more slowly than programs written in SiMPLE. Furthermore, since SiMPLE produces executable files (which don't require an interpreter), every SiMPLE program that you create can run on any Windows computer... even those that don't have SiMPLE installed on them. (That means, you can distribute copies of your cool programs to all your friends to run on their computers, even if your friends don't know about SiMPLE ! )

And SiMPLE provides you with the option of writing programs that either run in a window (like most conventional software does), or which run in full-screen mode (where you have complete control of every pixel on your screen).

Also notice that SiMPLE (unlike some other programming languages) does not require you to become aquainted with any new and confusing specialized text editors in order to create and run your programs. You are free to use any plain ordinary text editor (such as the Windows Notepad text editor) with which you are already familiar and know how to use.

And SiMPLE (unlike some other programming languages) avoids requiring the excessive use of special characters [such as colons ( : ), semi-colons ( ; ), curly braces ( { ) and ( } ), etc.] Consequently, your source listings will be more "readable" and easy to understand, as they will more closely resemble the classic "BASIC" language that most programmers were familiar with.

When I Download SiMPLE, What Do I Get?

SiMPLE is a complete easy-to-use software development system. When you download it onto your computer, you will get:

  • A full C++ compiler (which you don't even have to know how to use, unless you want to. )   Because you also get . . .

  • The SiMPLE translator, which automatically converts your SiMPLE source listing into C++ and then runs it for you!

  • The SiMPLE system libraries, which contains the "software building blocks" that you can incorporate into your programs.

  • "Append libraries", which contains even more "building blocks" for you to use (and into which you can place your own new "building blocks" if you decide to create some!)

  • Built-in documentation that shows you how to use SiMPLE and all of its "building blocks".

  • The ability to create your own programs that can access the Internet.

  • The ability to create your own APPs for Windows tablets.

  • The ability to create your own programs that can communicate with other computers over a network.

  • The ability to create your own programs that can read audio input devices (such as a microphone).

  • Modules for easily generating Fast Fourier Transforms and their inverses.

  • The ability to create your own "secret coded messages" that you can send to your friends!

  • A built-in update feature that lets you easily keep your copy of SiMPLE up-to-date at all times.

  • The ability to implement C++ statements in your programs (if you already know how to use C++ and still want to use it).

  • A folder (named "Samples") containing more than 40 example programs that have already been written for you:

  • A folder (named "Games") containing some SiMPLE games:

  • A folder (named "Tools") containing some useful utility programs:

... not to mention, years and years of creative enjoyment! And it's all Free!!

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SiMPLE's Philosophy

The philosophy of SiMPLE is "modularity"... creating programs by breaking them down into manageable "bite-size" chunks (or "software building blocks", similar in concept to the little "snap-together" plastic blocks in a LEGO construction set). By using such pre-written software modules (such as "rocket", "ufo", "explode", etc.), computer programming can become a "snap" for just about anyone! And, as your programming abilities increase, you will discover that SiMPLE even lets you create your own new software building blocks. (For example, our SiMPAINT tool provides you with a fun and easy way of using your mouse to create your own new image modules that can be used with your SiMPLE programs.) And you can even give copies of your own new modules to your friends so that they can use them in their programs!)

Is SiMPLE only for kids? Definitely not! [We only say that it's "for kids" so that we don't scare away the adults! ] SiMPLE is not a slow "scripting" language (i.e., one that requires an "interpreter" in order to be used). Nor is it merely some kind of over-simplified "toy" that only a pre-schooler would want to use. SiMPLE is a real programming language that everyone should know how to use.

SiMPLE is the computer "Volks-Language" of the twenty-first century!  And it's Free!!

Everyone Should Know How to Write Computer Programs

So, start unleashing your creativity! Create your own computer art, music programs, data processing software, mathematical simulations, animations, computer networks, sound effects, colorful screen-savers ... even your own computer games! With SiMPLE, there's almost no limit to what you can accomplish! And who knows ... you just might end up becoming the next "Bill Gates"! (Knowing how to write computer programs is how he got started!!!)

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