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Language for Kids!"

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Welcome To The SiMPLE Homepage

Current Version of SiMPLE: 14.08.08

Because you have managed to find your way to the SiMPLE homepage, we assume that you are already familiar with SiMPLE and its capabilities. If you are not already familiar with SiMPLE -- The Programming Language for Kids -- clicking the following link will tell you all about it:

    Tell Me About SiMPLE    

The rest of this webpage consists mainly of links to other webpages that are of interest to SiMPLE programmers, and to anyone interested in becoming a SiMPLE programmer. Feel free to browse around, and enjoy your stay.

Show Me How To Download SiMPLE 

Show Me How to Update My Copy
of SiMPLE to the Current Version

If You Are A Total "Newbie" To The World Of SiMPLE:

Click Here To Read "Getting Started With SiMPLE"

[ Click Here To Read The SiMPLE Tutorial ]

Show Me How to Access SiMPLE's Built-in Documentation

Tell Me About SiMPAINT

(SiMPAINT automatically writes your program for you!
Just use your mouse to tell it what you want to make!)

(SiMPAINT was created entirely with SiMPLE)

Tell Me About "Cybertrek"

("The World's Toughest Adventure Game!")

Use SiMPLE to help solve many of the puzzles
that you will encounter in this classic online game

Attention Flash Drive Users: Click Here for Special Information

Show Me How I Can Use SiMPLE to
Create Apps for Windows Tablets

Show Me How I Can Use SiMPLE
To Send Emails With Total Privacy

Is Your Copy of SiMPLE Aways "Currently Busy"?
Show Me How to "Unbusy" My Copy of SiMPLE

Listen (Live) to Mr. Logic's
"Thinking Machine" Radio Show

(Sundays, 11AM til Noon, California Time)

[Mr. Logic (Bob Bishop) is one of the the creators of SiMPLE]

Click Here to Visit the Homepage for the "Thinking Machine" Show

Click Here to Play Some of Mr. Logic's Online Riddle Games

A Question to Ponder: Is Midnight 12 AM or 12 PM?
(The correct answer will probably come as a surprise to you!)

Click Here to Read Mr. Logic's
Book "The Shades of Reality"

(His book is still at least 50 years ahead of its time!)

Read Mr. Logic's Essay About How Clocks Should Be Labeled

[Click Here to Read More Essays by Mr. Logic]

Have Questions or Comments about SiMPLE?
(Or would you just like to chat with us in real-time?)

Take Me To The SiMPLE Online Communications Center

Live support is available Monday - Friday, 10AM til 12 Noon (California Time)

Are you sure that your copy of SiMPLE is up-to-date?

Remember to Update it regularly!

(It's fast, easy, and you won't have to restart your computer!)

Want to Remove SiMPLE from Your Computer?

Show Me How to Uninstall SiMPLE

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