How to Download and Install
SiMPLE Onto Any Drive
(Even your "C:" drive)

NOTICE: This "old" (obsolete) version of SiMPLE will not run on 64-bit computers. If you are using a 64-bit machine, you will need to use our newer version of SiMPLE. (Click here for instructions.)

Installing SiMPLE onto any drive is very similar to installing it onto a flash drive. All you have to do is perform these five simple steps:

1. Download the "" file:

Download "" (Size: Approx. 5MB)

(When the "File Download" dialog box appears, click the "Save" button.)

2. After the downloading has completed, unzip the "" file into an unzipped "flashkit" folder:

(As you know, you can not merely double-click the zipped folder and then use its
contents. You must first right-click the zipped folder and select "Extract All...")

3. Copy the "SiMPLE" folder and the multi-colored ball (labeled "Fetch The Proper Icons") from the unzipped "flashkit" folder directly onto the root directory of your drive:

[If you are installing SiMPLE onto your "C:" drive (or any other non-
empty drive), you will also see other items in the drive's window.]

4. Double-click the "Fetch The Proper Icons" icon:

A new black window (displaying the word "Working...") will appear for a moment.

When the black window disappears, you should see three new items (a "Drop SiMPLE Listing Here" icon, a "S i M P L E" icon, and a "SiMPAINT" icon) in the drive's window:

[Some of the icons may be other images, depending on the
version of Windows that is running on your computer.]

(If you are installing SiMPLE onto your "C:" drive and the three new icons failed to appear, click here for information about how to retrieve them.)

5. Copy those three new icons onto your desktop.

[You might also want to copy the "SiMPLE Samples" folder (located in the unzipped "flashkit" folder) onto your desktop as well.]

Congratulations! You now have SiMPLE installed on your drive!

(You may now delete both the "" file and the "flashkit" folder.)

Click Here for Instructions on How to Run SiMPLE

Click Here for Instructions on How to Use SiMPAINT

Windows Vista Users: You must have the UAC (User Account Control) feature turned OFF.
(Click here for more information)

[If you think your desktop is starting to become cluttered, feel free to move the three newly installed icons (as well as the "SiMPLE Samples" folder) to some other location. (For example, you might want to put all of them into a new separate folder on your desktop.) Since all three icons are merely Windows shortcuts, they should work properly from just about anywhere.]

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