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( Simple Modular Programming Language & Environments )

"The Programming
Language for Kids!"

. . . and for everyone else too!

  Now there's something for you to do with your Windows computer
  or Windows tablet besides just blasting space aliens, checking your
  email, and surfing the Internet.  Now you can have fun creating
  your own computer software (such as: computer games, tablet
, computer art, secret coded messages
... and much more!)

It's easy!   It's SiMPLE ...

And it's Free from SiMPLE CodeWorks, Inc.

That's right... It's 100% Free! And you can download it right now!

Tell Me About SiMPLE

Take Me Directly To The SiMPLE Homepage
(You are currently on the SiMPLE CodeWorks "Entry" Page)

You say you're not interested in computer programming?
Well then, maybe you should watch this short video:

Everyone Should Know How to Write Computer Programs

And maybe you should consider this piece of information:

Are You Aware of the Fact that Your Government Is Spying on Everyone's Emails?

Show Me How I Can Use SiMPLE
To Send Totally  Private Emails

And even if you're still not interested in programming,
that's OK. Because you can still have fun with SiMPLE
even if you don't want to create your own programs!

Tell Me About SiMPLE For Non-Programmers

Secret Coded Messages


Want to have fun creating your own secret coded messages?   Down-
load our SiMPLE encrypter/decrypter program (called "Secret") and just save it onto your desktop.   (No installation is required.)   Then drop any text file onto "Secret".   It will automatically encrypt the message con-
tained in that file.   [The name of the file containing the encrypted mes-
sage will begin with a plus ( + ) sign.]

To decrypt  the message, just drop the file containing the encrypted mes-
sage back onto "Secret".   The decrypted message will then be returned to you in a file that has the same name that the encrypted file had, but without the plus ( + ) sign.

Click Here to Download "Secret"

(Tell all your friends to download their own copy of "Secret",
and then have fun exchanging secret messages with them!)

Secret Joke #12

Instructions for Decrypting the Secret Joke:

Copy and paste the entire encrypted joke into a new text document whose name
begins with a plus sign followed by one or more letters (e.g., "+joke.txt").
Then drop that text document onto your copy of "Secret".

(Click Here to View Previous Secret Jokes)

Let Me Play Some SiMPLE Games!

These games do not require you have to have SiMPLE installed on your computer.
They have already been pre-compiled for you and are ready to be played.
Just download and run them. (You do not need to install anything.)

"Space Portals"         "Space War"
      (A 3-D Action Game of Skill)                     (A Network Game For Two Computers)

Click Here to See More SiMPLE Games!

Is Today a Good Day for You?

Click Here to Plot Your Biorhythm


Tell Me About SiMPAINT

(SiMPAINT automatically writes your program for you!
Just use your mouse to tell it what you want to make!)

Download: The "Kaleidraw" Program

Use Your Mouse to Draw a Kaleidoscope . . . Right on Your Desktop!

Show Me How To Create My Own Computer Art

Let Me Visit The SiMPLE Art Gallery

Tell Me About "Digi-Doodling"

Download Free Apps for
Your Windows 8 Tablet!

Ok, You've Convinced Me!  SiMPLE Is Great!

Tell Me More About SiMPLE!

Have Questions? Need Help? Chat With Us Online.
Monday - Friday, 10AM - 12 Noon (California Time)

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